B2B Data


So much B2B data out there. Zoom Info has great data, LinkedIn has solid data, InfoUSA, SalesGenie, on and on. Which is all great, but does it really matter if those cannot weak out the prospects who need or could use your service?

B2B data is just that, Data, until it can be properly analyzed, harnessed and collated to make sense for each particular product or service. We have a very smart 6 step process to do this. And we are happy to share it with you.

Appointment Setting – Is there anything better than consistently hearing, day after day, that someone is setting new demos, new appointments for you? You bet there is…………..What is better is when someone is setting appointments and the prospect is:

  1. A decision maker
  2. Knows what will happen during the appointment, or at least a good idea
  3. Is enthused to see a new or alternative to his/her current

No company can guarantee that will happen every time, but we do try.

So overlooked and often a CRM killer.

Clean data is critical and it must be done every hour of every day.

Clean as you go is our belief but there are smart ways to do this.